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If you play sports or exercise regularly, any serious athlete or physiotherapist will tell you that you need to be combining your fitness routine with regular Sports Massage.

Regular sports massages can decrease the likelihood of injuries, enhance your post-workout recovery period, enable you to engage in exercise more often, and prevent minor discomforts from escalating into more serious issues.

Is Sports Massage right for me? 

Sports Massage characterises a holistic approach to massage therapy, extending beyond the exclusive realm of athletes. Although initially designed to enhance performance and alleviate pain and injury related to sports, fitness, and exercise, its outcome-oriented methodology proves highly beneficial for individuals of diverse backgrounds. It is particularly effective for those seeking enhanced flexibility, relief from tight or painful muscles, or addressing postural and musculoskeletal pain—whether stemming from everyday injuries or prolonged desk hours.

Sports Massage techniques are also valuable in mitigating the consequences of prior injuries, addressing issues like scar tissue or reduced elasticity that may hinder the body's healing and movement capabilities.

At Therapy and Performance Clinic, we offer Sports Massage services catering to a broad spectrum of individuals, including runners, triathletes, tennis players, footballers, cricketers, and golfers, as well as weekend warriors, busy mothers, desk workers and time-constrained executives.

Sports Massage at Therapy andf Performance Clinic
Sports Massage Therapy and Performance Clinic

What is sports massage like?

Sports Massage deviates from the serene and calming spa treatments, offering a dynamic sports therapy geared towards enhancing movement quality, expediting recovery from injuries, workouts, chronic ongoing pain and alleviating pain. Administered by highly qualified professionals, these practitioners undergo rigorous training in the intricate musculoskeletal structure and anatomy of the human body.

What are the benefits?

Sports Massage plays a crucial role in mitigating the repercussions of injuries and the adverse effects of rigorous or frequent sports and fitness training.

By alleviating tight or sore muscles and enhancing joint mobility, it facilitates improved body movement and hastens post-exercise recovery. This type of massage expedites the healing process of soft tissue injuries through the promotion of blood flow carrying vital oxygen and nutrients, while simultaneously addressing muscle tightness and inelasticity that might impede proper blood circulation.

Additionally, Sports Massage can positively impact posture and address the musculoskeletal challenges associated with today's sedentary and desk-bound work practices.

Beyond its physical effects, Sports Massage Therapy also proves effective in reducing stress and anxiety, enhancing both mental and physical relaxation, and fostering an overall sense of well-being.

What Our Clients Say

Sports Massage at Therapy and Performane Clinic Warwick
Therapy and Performance Clinic Review

HW Group 

Fantastic and Professional: I have suffered terribly with multiple injuries in the past been to so many physios but I have now struck gold finding Meg and her team. They are the best by far ; I found Megan’s Practice in Warwick and it’s the BEST. The team made booking really easy and rooms are spacious and luxurious Megs wealth of knowledge is apparent as soon as you are in her company. They combine massage with cupping ,dry needing and loads more which separates them from your normal sports massage Meg and team are leading my recovery after ever session I feel 100 times better So any injuries you have go and see them you won’t be disappointed !!
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