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Get treatment for that lingering old injury or persistent painful niggle that has been bothering you. At The Therapy and Performance clinic in Warwick, we are here to help you reach your full potential, whether it's training for significant events or dealing with everyday pains. Our approach centers on tackling the underlying cause rather than merely alleviating the symptoms of injury or dysfunction. Our mission is to diminish pain, improve flexibility, and elevate mobility, enabling our clients to cultivate strength, happiness, and a life unrestricted by injuries.


We're committed to supporting you in achieving optimal movement. This encompasses a comprehensive approach to factors affecting your body's movement and function, including injury treatment, rehabilitation, muscle tightness, joint mobility, postural alignment (both static and in motion), and performance enhancement. At The Therapy and Performance Clinic, we offer a variety of physiotherapy services to guide you back to natural, efficient, functional movement, and a life characterised by health, happiness, and freedom from pain.

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Treating Pain & Dysfunction

We prioritise addressing the root cause of an issue as much as treating its symptoms. We firmly believe that a comprehensive approach, combining assessment, diagnosis, patient education, and hands-on therapy, is the most effective method to attain positive and enduring results.

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Full Body MOT

Whether you're embarking on a new sports activity, tackling a physical challenge, or addressing recurring pain or injury, a body MOT is an integral aspect of the prehabilitation approach to fitness. Consider it as preventive maintenance for your body, aimed at ensuring you stay stronger, healthier, and experience improved movement, remaining free from pain and injury for an extended period.

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Sports Physiotherapy

Our exceptionally skilled physiotherapists have the expertise to design sport-specific programs that elevate performance, reduce the likelihood of injuries, and assist in managing and accelerating recovery from chronic or sports-related injuries.

Online physiotherapy

Online Physiotherapy 

Perfect for individuals with hectic schedules or those unable to visit our clinic in Warwick, we provide Zoom-based video consultations for both new and existing clients.

warwick physiotherapy

Injury Prevention Physiotherapy

Tailored prehabilitation programs are ideal for individuals aiming to maintain strength, fitness, health, and functional activity over an extended period. Our  physiotherapists will evaluate and optimise the advantages of your exercise routine, effectively lowering your risk of potential injuries.

physiotherapy leamington spa


As a leading Physiotherapy clinic in Warwick, we provide specialised private treatment offering expertise in:

  • Manual therapy

  • Soft-tissue treatment

  • Injury treatment and rehabilitation

  • Specific exercise therapy

Our highly skilled physiotherapists leverage extensive knowledge in anatomy, physiology, and biomechanics to diagnose and address not only your symptoms but also the underlying causes of your condition. This approach enhances the speed and effectiveness of your recovery while mitigating the risk of future occurrences.

physiotherapy leamington spa


For us, the ultimate goal is restoring our clients' freedom, whether it's freedom of movement or freedom from pain, fostering their journey towards strength, happiness, and a life free from injuries.

Our unwavering commitment to the care and wellbeing of our clients is evident in the relationships between therapists and clients, the excellence of our treatments, and our ability to achieve enduring results.

Distinguishing ourselves from many physiotherapy practices, we integrate assessment and diagnosis seamlessly with hands-on treatment, employing a blend of soft tissue massage, mobilisation, manipulation, and targeted exercises. Our focus is on uncovering and addressing the underlying cause of injuries or dysfunction, rather than merely treating the symptoms.

How we treat you at TAP Clinic

If you’re suffering with muscular or joint pain, loss of range of motion or stiffness or even muscle spasm, more often than not, it’s one of the joints that is not moving properly. Our hands-on physio treatment will help to get you moving again.


All of our Physio are Registered, have postgraduate qualifications and are members of the Chartered Society of Physiotherapy. Both expert and highly qualified, they offer a warm, genuinely caring attitude and positive approach to your treatment, on top of their tried and tested expertise.

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Therapy and Performance Clinic Review
Fantastic and Professional: I have suffered terribly with multiple injuries in the past been to so many physios but I have now struck gold finding Meg and her team. They are the best by far ; I found Megan’s Practice in Warwick and it’s the BEST. The team made booking really easy and rooms are spacious and luxurious Megs wealth of knowledge is apparent as soon as you are in her company. They combine massage with cupping ,dry needing and loads more which separates them from your normal sports massage Meg and team are leading my recovery after ever session I feel 100 times better So any injuries have go and see them you won’t be disappointed!
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