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The Therapy and Performance Clinic has been a clinic based in Warwick town centre for 9 years. Founded by Megan, our clinic has expanded to include a dedicated team of four therapists: Megan, Molly, Bethan, and Ema.

We are a hub open to everyone from the sports enthusiasts, athletes, those seeking peak physical performance as well as the desk worker with a painful neck and shoulders. 

At The Therapy and Performance Clinic, we recognise that your journey to excellence extends beyond in-person sessions. That's why we provide personalised online 1-1 rehab, running and strength and conditioning plans, specialised to you to help you reach your goals. This also supports those who are unable to visit in person.

The Therapy and Performance Clinic is not just a place for treatment; it's a destination for those who strive for excellence in sports and performance. We are here to help you push your boundaries, recover stronger, and achieve the results you've always aimed for.

What Our Clients Say

Sports Massage at Therapy and Performane Clinic Warwick

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Therapy and Performance Clinic Review
Fantastic and Professional: I have suffered terribly with multiple injuries in the past been to so many physios but I have now struck gold finding Meg and her team. They are the best by far ; I found Megan’s Practice in Warwick and it’s the BEST. The team made booking really easy and rooms are spacious and luxurious Megs wealth of knowledge is apparent as soon as you are in her company. They combine massage with cupping ,dry needing and loads more which separates them from your normal sports massage Meg and team are leading my recovery after ever session I feel 100 times better So any injuries have go and see them you won’t be disappointed!
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