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Unlock Your Running Potential With A 
Personalised Running Coach

Therapy and Performance Clinic Marathon
Therapy and Performance Clinic Marathon

Are you tired of generic training plans that don’t meet your individual needs? From designing a customized training program to helping you prevent injuries and reducing the mental load, a running coach can transform your running journey.


It’s so important for me to know where you are right now, what foods you like, exercise history, lifestyle and schedule. This allows me to set all your plans to slot right in with your life so they are achievable. You won't be asked to do something you don't like doing we want to make changes that you can stick to. 


Whether you are a casual jogger or never ran before, whether you train regularly in a gym or never stepped foot in one we can make a plan for you. This can be home based, sports specific, gym based, class focussed, running, walking… whatever you will enjoy and commit to. Plans are uploaded onto my mobile app so they are at your fingertips whenever you need.


Fortnightly check ins to see how the last few weeks have gone, this allows me to make any changes to food or exercise to keep you on track for your goal. Having a check in to work towards really keeps you accountable and where the results flourish. These can be 20 minute check in calls or a short online check in form. Whichever you prefer and whichever suits your diary that week. 

24/7 Support

Questions about your plan? Something isn’t working, but don’t want to wait till check in? Have a social occasion coming up? or if you just need a few words of motivation, I’m personally here for you whenever you need. Group WhatsApp full of individuals on the same journey for hints, tips and support!

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