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Why hire a coach?

"Have you ever tried those one-size-fits-all training plans you found online, only to realise they just don't fit you? It's time for a change. You're looking for someone to create a training program that's as unique as you are, designed to seamlessly fit into your life.

You're motivated and ready to take your fitness seriously, but the sea of information out there is overwhelming. How many miles should you be running? What's the right approach to strength training? What should your workouts actually look like? You want a coach who will craft a comprehensive program that covers all the essential elements for successful training.

Persistent injuries have been holding you back from reaching your goals, and you're tired of it. You need a coach who can help you train free from injuries and unlock your full potential.


Life is hectic, and your plate is full. You're ready to shed the mental load of managing your own training and gain the support of a coach who's always in your corner. Your role? Show up and execute.


We believe that every client is unique and deserves a custom-tailored training plan that suits their specific needs, goals, and lifestyle. Moreover, scientific evidence demonstrates that strength training not only safeguards against injuries but also enhances every facet of your running journey, from form and efficiency to speed and endurance.

We provide virtual coaching to clients of all running/strength levels, helping them achieve their goals, whether it's running-focused, strength-focused, or a combination of both. If this sounds like you then, we're excited to connect and start your journey."



What's included? 


It’s so important for me to know where you are right now, what foods you like, exercise history, lifestyle and schedule. This allows me to set all your plans to slot right in with your life so they are achievable. You won't be asked to do something you don't like doing we want to make changes that you can stick to. 


Whether you are a casual jogger or never ran before, whether you train regularly in a gym or never stepped foot in one we can make a plan for you. This can be home based, sports specific, gym based, class focussed, running, walking… whatever you will enjoy and commit to. Plans are uploaded onto my mobile app so they are at your fingertips whenever you need.


Fortnightly check ins to see how the last few weeks have gone, this allows me to make any changes to food or exercise to keep you on track for your goal. Having a check in to work towards really keeps you accountable and where the results flourish. These can be 20 minute check in calls or a short online check in form. Whichever you prefer and whichever suits your diary that week. 

24/7 Support

Questions about your plan? Something isn’t working, but don’t want to wait till check in? Have a social occasion coming up? or if you just need a few words of motivation, I’m personally here for you whenever you need. Group WhatsApp full of individuals on the same journey for hints, tips and support!

What Our Clients Say

Therapy and Performance Clinic Review

HW Group 

Fantastic and Professional: I have suffered terribly with multiple injuries in the past been to so many physios but I have now struck gold finding Meg and her team. They are the best by far ; I found Megan’s Practice in Warwick and it’s the BEST. The team made booking really easy and rooms are spacious and luxurious Megs wealth of knowledge is apparent as soon as you are in her company. They combine massage with cupping ,dry needing and loads more which separates them from your normal sports massage Meg and team are leading my recovery after ever session I feel 100 times better So any injuries you have go and see them you won’t be disappointed !!
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