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Sports Massage services


Please see all the options of massage services we offer below. Whether you're seeking relaxation, pain relief, or rejuvenation, our diverse range of massage therapies is designed to cater to your unique needs and preferences. Explore our selection to find the perfect massage experience tailored just for you."

Sports Massage 

Sports massage works deeply into the tissues, assisting the release of tension and preventing further disruption of muscle tissue and fascia and potential injury to muscles and associated joints. 

Massage Intensity: HARD

Swedish Massage 

Swedish massage is perfect if you want to de-stress after a stressful day or week, and will help you move around with more ease, and sleep more soundly. Swedish massage most commonly consists of long soft strokes directed towards the heart to improving circulation,

Massage Intensity: SOFT

Pregnancy Massage 

Eliminates stress, decreases anxiety & encourages the release of 'feel good' endorphins, also experienced by the baby. Helpful in preparing the expectant mother's body to relax during labour

Massage Intensity: SOFT

Deep Tissue Massage 

Deep tissue massage uses a selection of techniques to loosen muscles, stretch the fascia, and improve fluid circulation, your deep tissue massage therapists will release the tensions of everyday life.

Massage Intensity: MEDIUM

Thai Yoga Massage 

Unlike many other massage techniques, Thai yoga massage is performed fully clothed on a futon on the floor, without the use of oils. This dynamic therapy incorporates assisted stretches influenced by yoga movements.

Massage Intensity: MEDIUM

Is Massage right for me? 

Undoubtedly, Massage Therapy offers significant benefits, yet its significance in maintaining body alignment, health, and balance remains unknown to many. Whether you're a dedicated athlete or under the guidance of a Physio, the consensus is clear — regular Sports Massages are essential. This holistic approach not only alleviates tired muscles, mitigates injury risks, and enhances post-workout recovery but also prevents minor discomforts from escalating into more serious issues.

At The Therapy and Performance Clinic we believe that Massage Therapy extends beyond the realm of athletes. It serves as a valuable tool for individuals seeking relief from sore or tight muscles, addressing minor pulls, and combating the strains accumulated during long hours at a desk. Moreover, it proves to be an effective means of alleviating the emotional and mental stresses inherent in 21st-century life.

Beyond the massage session, we offer guidance on exercises and techniques that can be practiced at home or in the workplace. These recommendations aim to strengthen vulnerable areas, improve posture, and reduce future pain and muscle tightness.

Sports Massage services

What Our Clients Say

Sports Massage at Therapy and Performane Clinic Warwick
Therapy and Performance Clinic Review

HW Group 

Fantastic and Professional: I have suffered terribly with multiple injuries in the past been to so many physios but I have now struck gold finding Meg and her team. They are the best by far ; I found Megan’s Practice in Warwick and it’s the BEST. The team made booking really easy and rooms are spacious and luxurious Megs wealth of knowledge is apparent as soon as you are in her company. They combine massage with cupping ,dry needing and loads more which separates them from your normal sports massage Meg and team are leading my recovery after ever session I feel 100 times better So any injuries you have go and see them you won’t be disappointed !!
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