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Therapy and Performance Clinic Tips for training in Winter-

Updated: Feb 3

Training in Winter END OF JANUARY- the temperature has plummeted and we are trying to maintain the same level of enthusiasm for exercise that we had during the 'NEW YEAR, NEW ME PHASE' but it is becoming a challenge amidst the cold and dark mornings and nights.

Yet, consistency is KEY to meeting our goals with exercise so here are some TOP TIPS to help you stay committed to your workouts as the holiday season draws near:

  1. Midday Momentum: With so many individuals working from home now- If early mornings aren't your forte, schedule your workout for lunchtime. Capitalise on the natural light, utilise the energy you've already accumulated throughout the morning, and still have ample time to reap the rewards of your session.

  2. Prioritise Your Workouts: Treat your exercise regimen with the same importance as you would a crucial work meeting. Schedule workouts in advance, block out time in your schedule, and honor these commitments diligently.

  3. Invest in New Gear: Research suggests that new workout attire can enhance workout effectiveness by 42%, or it should, considering how a fresh outfit can boost confidence and motivation.

  4. Find a Workout Companion: Exercising with a friend not only makes workouts more enjoyable but also provides mutual accountability, particularly on days when self-motivation wanes.

  5. Respect Recovery: Allow adequate time between workouts for recovery, emphasising the importance of quality sleep and nutrition in aiding your body's recuperation process.

  6. Focus on Showing Up: Instead of dwelling on the daunting aspects of a workout, concentrate on the simple act of getting there. Remember, just showing up is half the battle.

  7. Start Now, Not Later: Don't postpone your fitness goals until SUMMER. By establishing a plan beforehand, you're more likely to maintain a healthier and more active lifestyle ALL YEAR ROUND.

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