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Maximising Recovery: The Top 5 Benefits of Sports Massage

Enhance Your Training and Recovery with Sports Massage at Therapy and Performance Clinic in Warwick

Sports Massage Warwick
Sports Massage Warwick

When training for an event or recovering afterwards, sports massage is a powerful tool for muscle recovery. At Therapy and Performance Clinic in Warwick, we specialise in physiotherapy, sports massage, and online fitness and nutrition services. Discover how sports massage can enhance your training and recovery process.

Why Sports Massage is Essential for Recovery: 5 Key Benefits

1. Reduces DOMS

A 2015 study involving ultramarathon runners demonstrated that sports massage effectively reduces delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), particularly during its peak 48-72 hours post-exercise. This is likely due to increased blood and lymph flow, which helps clear biochemical markers of muscle damage. Unlike medication or rest, massage has been shown to alleviate DOMS effectively.

2. Prehabilitation

Sports massage is a valuable technique for addressing muscular tightness and pain both during training and post-event. Regular massages during training can prevent niggles from becoming serious issues, ensuring your muscles stay in optimal condition. Post-event, massage helps address any sore areas, promoting quicker recovery.

3. Maintains Flexibility

Regular massage reduces muscle tightness, helping to maintain functional muscle length and joint range of motion. This improves movement quality, reduces injury risk, and enhances overall training performance.

4. Injury Prevention

Overuse injuries are common during training, often caused by tight and overworked muscles. Sports massage helps muscles recover, stay limber, and address any minor issues before they become serious injuries.

5. Boosts Recovery

Effective recovery requires both mental and physical relaxation. Sports massage aids in this process, helping you switch off and promoting feelings of relaxation and well-being. This psychological boost can maintain motivation throughout a demanding training program and reduce the perception of pain.

Invest in Your Performance and Recovery

Regular sports massage is a crucial investment in your training and recovery regimen. At Therapy and Performance Clinic in Warwick, we offer expert sports massage services to help you perform at your best and recover efficiently. Don't forget to schedule a massage a day or two after your event for optimal recovery.

By incorporating these benefits into your routine, you can enhance your performance and ensure a quicker, more effective recovery. Contact us today to book your sports massage and experience the difference it can make in your training journey.



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