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Therapy and Performance Clinic Warwick - Elevate Your Performance with Sports Massage

Elevate Your Performance with Sports Massage

Engaging in massage therapy before and after your training events is a widely embraced practice for promoting muscle recovery. At Therapy and Performance Clinic Warwick, we understand the significance of

having your tired muscles rejuvenated, creating a delightful and relaxing experience.

Beyond the immediate feel-good factor, research has unveiled a myriad of functional and performance-enhancing benefits associated with sports massage. Here are five compelling reasons why integrating sports massage from Therapy and Performance Clinic Warwick into your routine is pivotal for optimum recovery:

  1. DOMS Reduction: In a groundbreaking 2015 study focused on ultramarathon runners, sports massage emerged as a valuable treatment for diminishing delayed onset muscle soreness (DOMS), particularly during the critical 48-72 hours post-exercise. By enhancing blood and lymph flow to muscles, our massages aid in clearing biochemical markers of muscle damage. Notably, massage stands out as the sole method proven to alleviate DOMS, as it does not respond to medication or rest.

  2. Prehabilitative Advantage: Embrace the prehabilitative benefits of massage at Therapy and Performance Clinic Warwick. Our skilled therapists address muscular tightness and pain during training and post-event, preventing these issues from escalating. Incorporating massage into your training regimen ensures the prompt resolution of tight muscles and any discomfort, safeguarding your performance.

  3. Flexibility Maintenance: Regular massages during training contribute to the reduction of muscle tightness, promoting functional muscle length and range of motion through the joints. This results in improved movement quality, ease, and diminished injury risk—a comprehensive advantage for every facet of your training.

  4. Injury Prevention During Training: Overuse is a common cause of injuries during training, often stemming from tight and overworked muscles. At Therapy and Performance Clinic Warwick, our sports massages aid in muscle recovery, maintaining limberness, and addressing minor discomfort before they escalate into more significant issues.

  5. Recovery Boost: Achieve peak recovery with massages at Therapy and Performance Clinic Warwick. In the midst of intense training and events, the ability to mentally and physically unwind is crucial. Our massages contribute to this vital aspect of recovery, offering a profound psychological boost. The relaxation and well-being experienced during massage sessions also have a psychophysiological effect, reducing the perception of pain and effectively managing training and event-related niggles or injuries.

Invest in your performance and recovery journey by incorporating regular massages into your training routine at Therapy and Performance Clinic Warwick. Don't forget to schedule a session a day or two after your event when your body is likely to benefit the most. Elevate your experience with us and optimise your training outcomes.

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