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  • Q. What is your cancellation policy?
    A. It's quite simple, you need to give us 24 hours notice if you want to avoid paying for a session you can't make. Why do we do this? For two reasons, firstly there are others who may be desperate to get in to see us, this period allows us to get them in for a session. The second is our livelihood, when we can't fill a slot we lose money and other potential new clients. This notice period is an industry standard for doctors, physios and most other medical practices.
  • Q. How does sports massage differ from normal massage?
    A. Sports massage is applied with your goals in mind, meaning we look at what you need and then apply the relevant technique(s) to help you reach your goals. These techniques vary from: finding muscle imbalances which may be the cause of your current issue and offering remedial exercises to correct them; questions about your sports equipment or mechanism of injury; along with treating the tissues which are crying out for attention. Your goals may vary depending on whether you are carrying an injury or are just needing to bring your legs back to life for your next training session.
  • Q. How often should I have Sports Massage?
    A. If time and budget were not an issue, every week. But the reality is they are. So if you are on a budget and treating yourself to a massage, then (as a sports person) I would suggest having the treament prior to your event so you are ready to compete.
  • Q. I don't play sports - can I still have a Sports Massage?
    A. Overuse injuries can occur in everyday life and are generally brought on by the things we do repetitively everyday. We will use sports massage to treat you and look at what day to day activities could be the cause and will give you simple solutions to help with this. Generally making a few small changes can have a big effect.
  • Q. What should I wear?
    A. Towels are used during the treatment and would require that you keep your underwear on, however if you feel more comfortable, you can bring a pair of shorts. Stretchy underwear is best, especially if we are treating legs.
  • Q How do I pay?
    I accept both cash and card.

My commitment to you

  1. You will be examined and treated in line with the Institute of Sports and Remedial Massage strict code of practice by a qualified Sports and Remedial Massage Therapist.

  2. As part of your initial examination, the therapist will take a history of your condition and treat according to what you tell us.

  3. You may decline any of the treatments proposed without prejudice.

  4. Your appointment/s will be scheduled according to your needs and to the best of our ability.

Your commitment to me

  1. In order for you to gain maximum benefit from your treatment with us we recommend that you supply all relevant information to your therapist.

  2. It will be necessary for all clients to sign a consent for treatment at the time of the initial assessment.

  3. If you arrive late for your appointment your treatment session will be shorter whilst full payment will still be required.

  4. If you wish to cancel your appointment we need 1 business day (24 hours) notice period. After this time the full fee will be charged for the session, if we are able to fill the session we will not charge for the session (please text as early as possible on 07788285535.

  5. Payments for treatment(s) should be made before the end of an appointment, unless prepaid in advance.

  6. Payment may be made by cash or card..

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